1000 gal/hr Filter Pump for Stock Tank Pools
1000 gal/hr Filter Pump for Stock Tank Pools
1000 gal/hr Filter Pump for Stock Tank Pools
1000 gal/hr Filter Pump for Stock Tank Pools

1000 gal/hr Filter Pump for Stock Tank Pools

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Keep your stock tank pool's water clean and clear with this 1,000 gallon / hour filter pump! This pump uses standard A size filters to keep your water free of dirt, grass, and debris all summer long! Using industry standard 1-1/4" corrugated hoses, it connects to plunger valves using simple adapters (links below).


  • Powerful: 1,000 gal/hr pump motor - filters your stock tank's water once / hour
  • Energy-efficient: uses only 100 Watts (same as an incandescent lightbulb)
  • Space-saving: Low-profile design with integrated pump and filter cavity (save space!)
  • Safe: 20' heavy duty cord with integrated Grount-Fault Circuit Interupt (GFCI)
  • Bonus: Includes 1x cartridge filter 


Not included, but recommended to purchase with this filter pump:

  1. 2x Intex plunger valves (link to Amazon)
  2. 2x 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" adapters (link to Amazon)
  3. 1x Swimmly Inlet Strainer Kit (link)
  4. 1x Swimmly Outlet Jet kit (link) 
  5. 3x foam filters (link


Shipping: Free US shipping included! Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery (US only).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Poor quality pump and parts

I ordered this pump to go with my stock tank pool. As soon as the pump arrived I opened the box and was dismayed by the poor quality of the parts that come with the pump after all this work I would never use such poorly made products they would never last a week in the Sun. I have made multiple attempts to try to return the pump but can get no response or reply from the company. Stay away from this pump and this company also will not stand behind their product buyer beware don't get scammed

Chris Danielson
Recommend a kit and the parts don't fit, poor recommendation

So, purchase all elements of a kit (one link doesn't work on this page so you have to find for yourself. The hose that comes with the pump filter does not fit the recommended adapters. Great-so screwed as usual with piss poor recommendations on a site that could be great if they actually tested what they recommend to ensure it will work. Frustrated and in the middle of a build

Never refunded, no customer service available

Customer service is non-existent. I love supporting small businesses so I'm open to giving the benefit of the doubt but after ordering this pump (on May 15) and realizing there was no replacement part for the outlet that was previously 3d-printed, I couldn't use this. According to the return policy, I should be able to send it back no problem. I emailed multiple times asking for a shipping label and called the "customer service" multiple times as well. I decided to ship it back myself and my tracking shows it was delivered on June 21, 2022. Still I have no refund, and as I call and email I am getting zero response. Very frustrating experience! Still hoping to hear back and get a refund.