Stock Tank Pool Liner
Stock Tank Pool Liner
Stock Tank Pool Liner
Stock Tank Pool Liner
Stock Tank Pool Liner

Stock Tank Pool Liner

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IMPORTANT: Please read EVERYTHING below. You must measure your tank's diameter with a tape measure before ordering.

Who are these liners for? If your tank is rusted, leaking, or corroded then you may need a liner to keep using your stock tank and don’t care if it’s a little big. 

Sizing: What should you expect? Due to the nature of the liners, we manufacture them with a little extra material to ensure they will fit your tank. They WILL hold water and dramatically improve the look of a rusted or corroded tank. If your liner is too small, you can return it for a refund (as long as you haven’t cut or altered the liner). Please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

About the Liners: These liners are made from heavy-duty, reinforced PVC vinyl and are 2X thicker than traditional above-ground vinyl pool liners. Our liners are UV- and tear-resistant. Currently available in Sky Blue for round galvanized tanks only. Not available for poly or oval galvanized tanks. 

Important Notes:

  • Before ordering, you will need to measure the inside diameter of your tank along the bottom seam. You’ll need to enter this measurement on the product order page (next step).

  • Your liner will be customer made, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

  • These liners do not stretch, therefore we manufacture them slightly larger than your tank’s measurement. Your liner may have some excess material, resulting in folds.

  • Do not over-chlorinate your pool. Maintain recommended chlorination levels, using test strips. Over-chlorination WILL result in color fade.

  • Do not allow chlorinating tablets to make contact with liner (they should be in a chlorine floater). Direct contact will cause the liner's color to fade. Do NOT use pool shock either.

  • Do not use pool "shock" - the granules can cause the liner's color to fade


    Every stock tank has a slightly different diameter, so your liner will be custom made to fit your tank based on the measurement you provide above. Before placing your order, use a tape measure to determine the exact inside diameter of your tank. Measure along on the floor of your tank from wall to wall, and ROUND UP to the nearest inch. Note: due to the reinforced material we use, these liners do not stretch. Therefore, we manufacturer them slightly larger than your tank's diameter to ensure they fit. In other words, if the liner is a 1/2" too small it will not fit your tank (better to be an inch larger than an inch smaller!). Because of this, the liner may have a small amount of additional material, resulting in a few folds. 


    FREE STANDARD SHIPPING INCLUDED! Since your liner will be custom-made for your tank, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery from our manufacturer. 


    We guarantee the liner to be free of any manufacturing defects. However, you must test the liner before cutting holes in it for the pump's fittings. Once you cut it, we cannot guarantee it. That said, these liners are easily repairable with a PVC liner repair kit

    Refunds / Returns

    Because liners are custom-made for your tank, we cannot accept refunds or returns. Once you place your order, it cannot be cancelled. 

    How to: Installation Steps

    Note: installation is best done on a sunny day (without rain). Sun and warm temps make these liners easier to manipulate. 

    1. Prior to installing the liner, your tank must be clean and completely dry. Use a pump or hose to siphon it, then use a towel to completely dry the tank (do not install the liner on a rainy day). Be sure to vacuum any debris, sand, etc. so there's nothing between the liner and tank. 
    2. Remove all fittings, including the drain plug and inlet / outlet (if applicable).
    3. Unpack and unfold your liner from the box and visually inspect it. (Tip: leave it inside or in the sun to warm up, this makes it easier to handle and manipulate.)
    4. Place the liner in your clean and dry stock tank. Push the liner into the corners of the tank to ensure proper fit. Roll the liner's lip over the top rim of your tank (see photos). You may need two people to stretch the liner over the rim.
    5. If you've drilled holes in your tank for fittings, next you'll need to cut holes in the liner to match those in your tank. Use a sharp utility knife to cut holes in your liner which match the existing holes in your tank. Replace fittings and tighten. NOTE: be sure flat rubber washer is between the fitting and the liner.
    6. Fill your tank and enjoy!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    MY LINER WAS DEFECTIVE AND LEAKED. I have called and emailed and no response.

    Matt Keifer
    Worth It!

    I emailed your team within days of installing the liner. My question was about using caulk around the pump fixtures. How will caulk interact with the liner’a material. Sadly, I never received a response so… as Summer is winding down, I went ahead and used it. So I will let you know. The key is longevity at this point. Bottom line - I am super excited and look forward to a long life.

    jim farr

    Fit perfect

    pool liner

    This liner has been installed for a little less than a month. The fit was good and the quality of the liner and thickness is great. My only problem is the grommets are starting to rust. For the price I paid, they should have used better quality grommets. Hopefully they will fix this with any new ones.

    John Smith
    That one star Jay dude.....

    Jay sounds like a whiny ass cunt. Tell him to pound sand.